About Us

Abhiraj Multi Services Pvt. Ltd.

Abhiraj Multy Services Pvt. Ltd was founded in 2017 and in no time, we have taken our business to the next level by offering a range of ER services. Today, we have made our recognition as a professional ER manpower supply company in India. We have handled several large projects with ease and determination. Our work pattern is systematic. When we sign a project Our Teams goes for a discussion to develop strategies to complete it on time and without compromising on quality. We aim at appointing those professionals on a project who have experienced in handling it. For each project, there is a team leader who monitors the development work. We give the leader the flexibility to take an appropri-ate action if it seems necessary. We work as one unit that is our success mantra. We have a list of happy and satisfied clientele. Get in touch with us for electrical insulation, civil, painting, fabrication, mechanical and road work. Our services have no hidden costs and no additional charges. You would pay what you get. It is our dedication, commitment, and knowledge that help us in providing world-class services to our growing list of clients. As a professional ER Service provider, we have worked for government, nongovernment, and semi-government organizations.